E-Menu Restaurant App

App Features
  • Home screen displays menu categories, location map and restaurantís open hours, all available within a single tap. Home screen slideshow can promote numerous products and special offers according to restaurantís needs.
Product Customization

Menu categories are displayed in card form with a title and a thumbnail. Menu items can be organised into categories with a title, a thumbnail and a price. Product screen provides additional information including:

  • Description
  • Price
  • A slideshow of images
  • A ďfavorite buttonĒ
Shopping Cart
  • Restaurant comes with a fully functional shopping cart. User can fully customize his order
  • Add or remove ingredients
  • Select extra options
  • Select product size / price option
Delivery Methods
  • Two delivery methods are available
  • Home delivery: User is able to place their personal detailsand submit his order to the restaurantís email address.
  • Take away: A pin on the map shows the exact location of the restaurant along with the restaurant address. Also, a confirmation button sends the order details to the userís email address.
Restaurant Information
  • The contact screen displays restaurant information. It also enables users to interact with app making one tap phone call, get direction or connect with social networks.
  • Call us: It will make the device to start a call to the phone number you have defined
  • Send us an Email: Mailer will open with your businessís email already set so as the user wonít need to type it
  • Map / Get directions: The map application which is already installed on the device will be launched to show your exact location on the map and the User will be able to get directions to reach your business.(Note: You can set more than one locations in the configuration file)